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Qui Sommes-Nous?

LAB SOL . is a civil engineering laboratory for buildings and public works, approved by the state. He works for the entire construction chain by bringing his technical, scientific and human expertise to it, in many fields: buildings, engineering structures, roads, industrial structures, homes, etc.

LAB SOL . is recognized as a major player with more than twenty areas of expertise, including in particular:

  • Geotechnics, where the group has engineers with 10 years of experience in soil mechanics,

  • Pathology diagnostics of structures and materials,

  • Tests and certifications for construction products,

  • Technical assistance by phone or internet,

  • Regulatory watch ...

LAB SOL . thus offers a unique center of expertise at the service of all those involved in construction: project owners, project managers, construction companies, design offices, control offices, manufacturers, experts, local authorities, architects.

À propos de nous: About Us
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